Where We Were: The Backstory

Since 1965, the City of Westminster has been periodically revisiting its vision for the future. At that time, the community identified the lack of a central core area, poor patterns of land development, lower quality of recent residential construction, the absence of major shopping facilities and limited neighborhood recreational facilities as the issues that required the most immediate attention.  When asked, “How would you like to see Westminster develop in the future?,” the community identified the desire for more and better commercial and industrial development, plus the need for preservation and beautification of residential areas as the highest community priorities.

In 1985, the General Plan envisioned an, “economically balanced community through the development of commerce and industry,” and, “an increasingly desirable city in which to reside,” to accommodate a rapidly growing population within the City’s boundaries.  The vision sought to continue to improve the community’s image by providing variety in residential types, shopping facilities, and employment centers along with other amenities including a highly functional system of parks, schools, civic facilities and other public amenities.

The City of Westminster’s current General Plan was approved in in 1996. With the theme, “A City of progress, built on pride,” the 1996 General Plan continued to address many of the same issues identified in prior plans, including image, public facilities, development of housing, provision of open space, infrastructure and community services, public safety and economic vitality of the community. Today our pride continues to grow as a collaborative and dynamic community.


Where We Are

In December 2013, the City of Westminster released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to interested consultants to update the General Plan and to prepare the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to support the General Plan Update. This comprehensive General Plan Update is of critical importance to the City and will require substantial investments of community time and City financial and staff resources because the information provided by the community and the direction provided by the City Council will be used to develop a new vision and priorities for the City’s future growth and quality of life.

In early 2014 the City evaluated the proposals it received and selected a consultant team to work with on the three-year General Plan Update and EIR effort. The General Plan will identify the important issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our city for the next 20 years. At the conclusion of the General Plan update, the Planning Commission, City Council, and the larger community will come to a consensus on the issues and opportunities  that will serve as the foundation for a future General Plan update. City officials are looking  to you to gain a greater understanding of what issues should be addressed and how.