See how Westminster Envisions its Future!

On October 28, 2015, the Westminster City Council accepted the Land Use Plan for the community, which was previously approved by the Westminster Planning Commission and General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The Land Use Plan and Land Use Definitions (see the Hearing Draft Land Use Element), along with public input we received, was presented to Planning Commission and City Council for their review at their regularly scheduled meetings in fall of 2015. The Land Use Plan seeks to implement the Council Approved Vision Statement by accommodating future growth along corridors and in key activity centers and preserving and protecting the City’s existing residential neighborhoods, parks, schools, and other important facilities.

This Land Use Planning page features a zoomable Google-map of the Land Use Plan; we encourage you to click on the numbers to learn more about the City’s new Mixed-Use designations and to check-out the links below the map for more information. Please spend a few minutes reviewing the key documents and the Land Use Plan.

The following documents provide a quick overview of the proposed changes presented to Planning Commission and Council in 2015. A Hearing Draft General Plan has since been prepared and is available for review here: Hearing Draft General Plan. The links below represent the material at the time is was presented to the Commission and Council. 

For those who would like to review more detailed background information, we have also provided the following documents for your reference:


Thank you for attending a Community Meeting!

The City of Westminster hosted three community meetings in September 2015 to review and comment on the Land Use Plan (Plan). If you could not attend a meeting, please call us at 714-548-3247 for information. Below is a link to the presentation.