Westminster’s City Council Appoints its General Plan Advisory Committee!

At their meeting on August 27th the City of Westminster City Council appointed a group of residents, business owners and tenants, property owners, community organization, and commission representatives to serve on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC is an ad hoc committee established by the City of Westminster for purposes of the General Plan. The GPAC will serve as one of the primary channels for the community to make recommendations to the City Council on the updated Westminster General Plan.

The purpose of the GPAC is to provide recommendations to City Staff and to the consultant team regarding strategic milestones in the process (Vision, Land Use Plan, Focus Areas, etc.). Another crucial function of the GPAC is to assist in the formation of City goals. What do people say they want in their City? How can this be translated into a set of compatible, consistent, long and short-range City goals? Through its recommendations the GPAC can help make these goals a part of the decision-making process, recognizing that the determination of what items are included in the General Plan ultimately rests with City Council.

Participation by members appointed to the GPAC is temporary; the roles and responsibilities of its members will terminate with City Council Adoption of the General Plan, which is anticipated to occur in 30 months. If you are interested in learning more about the committee, please download the following GPAC Roles and Responsibilities document.

GPAC Role and Responsibilities


Official Charge of the GPAC

  • Ensure City staff and the consultant team is aware of and understands community concerns, values and expectations.
  • Assist City staff and the consultant team in identifying critical issues that must be addressed in the planning process.
  • Identify areas of existing or potential conflicts and find ways to constructively resolve them.
  • Capitalize on the creative ideas and insights within the Westminster community for input into the General Plan.
  • Keep community organizations and interested citizens informed about the status of the planning process.
  • Provide recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council supporting the General Plan including the proposed land use plan, which is comprised of the final recommendations associated with specified focus areas and other land uses.

Join us in welcoming our GPAC members!

Mayor Tri Ta

Council Member Sergio Contreras

Vincent Agor

Don Anderson

Gloria Constas

Gilbert Cruz

Owen Eames

April Erazo

Lupe Fisher

Richard Jolly

Mimi Lozano

Gia Ly

Lisa Manzo

Sandra McClure

Khanh Nguyen

Tyler Nichols

Helen Ortega

Jamison Power

Patricia Robbins

Laura Sottile Rose

Syed Shah

Diana Williams