Draft Environmental Impact Report

The draft environmental impact report (DEIR) addresses the environmental effects associated with the implementation of the proposed Westminster General Plan Update. The DEIR is organized into two Volumes, where Volume I contains DEIR content and Volume II is comprised of the Appendices.

Volume I

0. Volume I Cover and Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Project Description

4. Environmental Setting

5.0 Environmental Analysis

5.1 Aesthetics

5.2 Air Quality

5.3 Cultural Resources

5.4 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

5.5 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

5.6 Hydrology and Water Quality

5.7 Land Use and Planning

5.8 Noise

5.9 Population and Housing

5.10 Public Services

5.11 Recreation

5.12 Transportation and Traffic

5.13 Utilities and Service Systems

6. Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

7. Alternatives to the Proposed Project

8. Impacts Found Not to be Significant

9. Significant Irreversible Changes Due to the Proposed Project

10. Growth-Inducing Impacts of the Proposed Project

11. Organizations and Persons Consulted

12. Qualifications of Persons Preparing EIR

13. Bibliography

Volume II: Appendices

Notice of Availability

0. Volume II Cover and Table of Contents

A. Westminster GP EIR NOP and Initial Study

B. NOP Comments

C. BGeneral Plan Buildout Methodology

D. Air Quality and GHG Modeling Data

E1. Cultural Resources

E2. Paleontological Resources Assessment

F. Hazardous Materials Data

G. Infrastructure Report

H. Noise Modeling Data

I. Traffic Impact Analysis

J. Public Services and Utilities Correspondence


Final Environmental Impact Report

The City of Westminster received seven comment letters on the DEIR, Hearing Draft General Plan, and/or Implementation Plan. Comments specific to the DEIR are addressed in the  Response to Comments section of the Final EIR document found below. Comments on the Hearing Draft General Plan and/or Implementation Plan are addressed in the Staff Report to Planning Commission dated August 31, 2016.

Final Environmental Impact Report

08-31-16 Planning Commission Agenda