The City of Westminster City Council adopted the 2016 General Plan and certified is Environmental Impact Report on September 28, 2016. The General Plan is a state-mandated document that includes the maps and policies that will guide Westminster’s growth for the next 20 years. An Implementation Plan has been prepared as a companion document to the General Plan; the Implementation Plan identifies specific actions the City should take to implement its long-term vision. Additionally. environmental review documents have been prepared to evaluate the potential environmental impacts that could occur as the new Plan is implemented.

The General Plan is the product of a 2+ year effort involving meetings with the community, General Plan Advisory Committee, City staff, the Planning Commission and the City Council. The Plan includes chapters addressing land use, economic development, community design, mobility, parks and recreation, infrastructure and natural resources, and public health and safety. A separate part of the General Plan addresses housing; that portion was adopted in 2014 to meet State requirements.


2016 Adopted General Plan

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Implementation Plan

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Environmental Review Documents 

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